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Detail Train
book by Thomas Rasche


Welcome to the website associated with the book 'Detail Train - The train of thoughts when detailing architecture' by Thomas Rasche

Discover how an architectural designer thinks!

This is a book explaining the train of thoughts of an architect, technologist or designer who develops architectural detals.

This book is first draft, and as such it is a free download. Just click on this link to access the pdf file:
view Detail Train pdf here.

An updated version is available for you to purchase as a paper book. You can get it here:
Detail Train book (A4-print version).

You are invited to comment on the contents of this book, with any suggestions, hints, corrections and improvements.

Updates of this book

Version 1.1, September 2009
Original draft release as pdf and paper.

Version 1.2, March 2010
Draft released as paper book.
Addition of Appendix: Costing Details.

Further development has stopped due to other distractions...

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